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Areas of activity

Main areas of our activities are:

• Deterministic safety analysis (design basis and beyond-design basis accidents, severe accidents);

• Probabilistic safety analysis level 1 and level 2 for all initiating events and hazards; Living PSA;

• Analysis of containment processes;

• Analysis of neutron-physical processes;

• Strength and structural reliability assessment;

• Nuclear fuel cycle safety analysis;

• Reliability of monitoring and control systems at nuclear installations;

• Management of spent fuel and radioactive waste;

• Radiation protection;

• Analyses and design works for implementing comprehensive safety upgrade measures at operating NPPs;

• Enhancement and development of operating documentation (emergency operating procedures, severe accident management guidelines, regulations and operating instructions for systems and equipment, etc.)

We also offer services for any hazardous industrial facilities and/or activities in the area of risk management and risk-informed decision making.

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