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LLC “Analytical Research Bureau on NPP Safety” has performed a range of scientific research works for Ukrainian clients and abroad. Some of them are presented below as at the beginning of 2018. Most of them were reviewed and approved by State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine.

• Detailed analysis of primary circuit makeup at blackout and/or loss of ultimate heat sink for Rivne NPP Unit 1;

• Evaluation of in-vessel debris localization strategy for V-213 reactor facilities;

• Development and justifications of symptom-oriented accident management guidelines, taking into account implemented safety upgrade measures and accident management strategies at Rivne NPP Units 1 and 2;

• Thermal-hydraulic analysis for substantiation of allowed number of loading cycles for equipment and pipelines of South-Ukrainian NPP Unit 1 for purposes of lifetime extension up to 60 years;

• Peer-review of safety substantiation documentation related to enhanced fuel cycle and safe operation with power uprate up to 3120 MW for units 5 and 6 of Kozloduy NPP;

• Substantiation of critical safety functions for accident instructions related to implementation of new fuel (ТВС-WR) for unit 5 Zaporyzhzhya NPP;

• Calculations of specific activity and volume of water generated due to beyond design basis accidents. Radiation risk assessment in case of BDBA;

• Development of thermal-hydraulic model for reactor facility of unit 3 Zaporyzhzhya NPP and calculations for specific operating modes related to prolongation of life cycle above 30 years.

At present time company participates in the following activities:

• Preparation of periodical safety analysis reports for several Ukrainian NPP Units related to lifetime extension above 30 years;

• Substantiation of equipment and pipelines safe operation through extended life cycle;

• Implementation of safety upgrades at NPPs;

• Updating of emergency operating procedures and accident management guidelines for Ukrainian NPPs.

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