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Organizational structure is designed to ensure efficiency of activities and development of high quality products. Currently it includes four scientific departments:

• Simulation of emergency processes;

• Development of systems and analysis of nuclear facilities operational modes;

• Probabilistic safety assessments and reliability;

• Operational safety and emergency operating procedures

ARB has a qualified engineering staff with unique combination of practical experience in (a) providing technical support to the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SNRIU), foreign regulatory authorities (Belarus, Armenia, Turkiey); and (b) conducting analytical studies for the nuclear operators.

Employees of the company have accumulated over 250 person-year of expert and scientific activities at SNRIU and SSTC, worked at nuclear power plants, in specialized design institutions, in institutes of National Academy of Science of Ukraine.

Engineering and technical staff of the company is familiar with norms, rules and standards on nuclear and radiation safety, participated in development of regulations and methods on probabilistic and deterministic safety assessments, thoroughly knows the design and operational features of nuclear power plants and research reactors in Ukraine.

Our engineers has been trained and studied for state-of-the art safety analysis methods and software at IAEA courses and leading companies from Western Europe and the USA.

Leading ARB specialists have many-years experience of participating in large international research projects, including IAEA co-ordinated research projects, US DOE In-depth Safety Assessment projects, EC International Nuclear Safety Programme (TACIS, INSP), FP7 (e.g., ASAMPSA-2) and Horizon 2020.

Offering advanced solutions to our customers, we use modern approaches and methods. Experience and knowledge, a position focused on teamwork, and the desire for improvement and further development are the foundations that enable our company to produce high-level products.

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